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  • Young Arlington with father width:544;;height:480
  • Young Arlington on drums width:601;;height:480
  • Young Arlington on guitar with sister width:594;;height:480
  • Young Arlington on the mic width:387;;height:480
  • Young Arlington in recital width:640;;height:461
  • with Jerry Knox, first piano teacher width:500;;height:480
  • Young Arlington in recital width:536;;height:480
  • Young Arlington with Jerry Knox and sister width:536;;height:480
  • with Kerrie Hutcheson, piano teacher and his siblings width:640;;height:468
  • Young Arlington on bells width:640;;height:468
  • Young Arlington on triple toms, high school marching band width:640;;height:455
  • Drum Major leading my high school band width:640;;height:468
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