New Album : HIGH & MIGHTY

Surprise, here’s another new album release today…HIGH & MIGHTY (The Soul Gent, Vol. 2). This is Arlington’s third solo album and also marks the eighth record of his career. Arlington reflects on the significance of this album: “Though I was born in America, I’ve been blessed to travel the world by air, land, ocean and sea. I love to embrace other cultures. No matter where I go, I see clear evidence of God, the High & Mighty, in every thing and person He created. Regardless of ethnicity and background, music is a language that brings us together. This collection is inspired by my journeys across the globe, life experiences and future dreams. Wherever you happen to be in the world and in life, I pray these songs of refuge and comfort feed your soul.”

Check out the cover art and liner notes below.

HIGH & MIGHTY (The Soul Gent, Vol. 2) is now available in all digital stores – iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Spotify, YouTube Music, and more!

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It was on the SJC 19.2 that I first heard Arlington. Words cannot describe the joy I received listening to him “spank those ivories”. Thanks for the update on his latest LP release. I will purchase immediately! Looking forward to seeing Arlington on the SJC 22.1

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